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Oak Grove Trivia

In 1955, Abe & Rose Kennedy, with Abe’s parents, started to build Oak Grove Trailer Park on 20 acres of Palmetto-covered land. This land was first purchased by Abe’s Aunt & Uncle, and his parents. Later, Abe traded his  property in Englewood Isles for his Aunt and Uncle’s half-share of Oak Grove.

The first construction was a combination bath house and laundry room built by Abe and Rose on Lot 18A. Travel Units were not self-contained at that time. The Kennedy’s did this work after they returned each day from their jobs outside the park. The second construction was a 16 x 26 block building which was the beginning of our present recreation hall. This was also Abe and Rose’s sleeping quarters until about 1961. Later, another 18 foot expansion was added to the recreation hall. In 1969, the present recreation hall was constructed. It was strong enough to pass the codes required for a hurricane shelter for park residents.

In 1960, Abe Kennedy constructed a sewage plant, drain lines, and water lines, providing service to one block at a time. It took four years to secure the proper zoning to develop the remainder of the park. In 1996, the connection to the Englewood sewage system was completed by the Homeowners Association, Oak Grove.

In the early years:

  • Thanksgiving dinners were held outside in the area of Lot 36. In the area of Lot 19, residents would have huge bonfires, swapping lies, singing songs and playing guitars.
  • The first street to be paved was Morningside Drive. This was so the residents could have a paved road to their street. This made bike riders very happy.
  • Route 776 was the Tamiami Trail until 1938. At that time, route 41 was extended south from Bill Buck’s Chevrolet, and then became the continuation of the Tamiami Trail.
  • September 30, 1985, Daniel E. Lemonde, P.L.S., State of Florida Cert. No. 2909 wrote to Abe Kennedy that Oak Grove Mobile Home Park, consisting of 178 sites, is from 12.10 feet to 14.7 feet above mean sea level. The entire site lies above 12.0 feet above mean sea level. I hereby certify this to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, for the firm of Lemonde Surveying, Inc.
  • The office of Oak Grove Mobile Home Park was moved in 1996 from 29A to the present location at unit 30A.
  • In 1999 a new building was started and is attached to the recreation hall. It includes laundry facilities, rest rooms and showers. It was completed in 2000. A swimming pool was added in 2002.